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Wedding Venues

I have worked in lots of Wedding Venues in Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and West Yorkshire.

I always try to take pictures in every Wedding Venue that I DJ in. It helps me to improve what I do, and gives my clients a idea of what their wedding disco set up might look like or how the wedding lighting can transform their venue.

Click on the names to find out more about my wedding services in the venues listed on the right. Below is lots of pictures showing the wedding first dance in lots of different wedding venues that I have worked in.

wedding-first-dance-in-the-Joshua-Bradley  wedding-first-dance-at-the-Lowry,-Compass-Room

stunning wedding first dance in the white hart lydgate wedding venue  wedding venue

Worsley Marriott wedding venue  wedding venue first dance

whitefield golf club wedding venue  white hart wedding venue

manchester wedding venue  red hall wedding dj

Village-Hotel-Blackpool-wedding-first-dance-in-the-clouds  wedding-confetti-for-the-first-dance-in-worsley-court-house

wedding first dance in the Penny Farthing Suite  wedding-first-dance-in-the-broadoaks-country-house-windermere

first dance  wortley hall wedding first dance


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