Bat Mitzvah Festoon Lights

I provided LED Festoon Lights for a Bat Mitzvah at the Hilton Suite, Prestwich. My client wanted to create a big top feel for her sons Bat Mitzvah. Lucky the venue had a lighting truss fitted making it a easier job. I used eight 3 meter high poles set to 2.5 meters fixed to 40kg bases around the room and fixed the festoon lights to them and the lighting truss along with the clients bunting. The lights created the effect my client wanted she was extremely happy with the effect I was able to make. I used my LED Warm White Festoon Lights because they are lightweight and work well with the poles I placed around the room. I used around 130 meters of LED Festoon Lights to create a big top circus feel

Bat Mitzvah Festoon Lights

Bat Mitzvah Lighting hire Manchester

festoon lights bat mitzvah

To find out more about my Warm White LED Festoon Lighting service please click the link Festoon Lighting Hire

Client Comments

thank you so much for transforming the room and creating the big top theme we wanted at the Hilton suite. There was certainly the wow factor we wanted on entering the room.

Huge thanks once again.