Edison Drop Table Lighting

Looking to highlight your tables why not use Edison Drop Table Lighting. In the right setting like the Archives in Victoria Warehouse they look outstanding. We use real Edison Lamps and fit a dimmer to dim the light output and highlight the lovely tungsten glow of the filaments in our real 40w lamps. The boards that are hung over the tables have 5 light drops all diffrent lengths. We think its perfect for a urban wedding or trendy confrence. We can fit the lights anwhere there is some points of fixing overhead and power on site. With all our lighting we love doing things diffrent and working in diffrent venues if this is not 100% what you want get in touch we can make longer drops of different edison drop boards.

A big thank you to Thomas Demol for the pictures below he is a lovely guy and worth checking out

To find out more on the Edison Lighting click the link