Mayfield Depot Wedding Lighting

Mayfield Depot Wedding Lighting, the Archive at Depot is a set of 2 old large railway arches one as a large mezzanine floor. They provide a lovely setting for your urban, warehouse or industrial wedding. For Lewis and Victoria's Wedding in the Archive at Mayfield Depot, we provided UpLights, Festoon LightingFairy Lights and Black Drapes.

To start with we fitted 3 meter tall black drapes on both sides of the entrance shutter, up the ramp to make a entrance with a fairy lights canopy. Overhead we fitted festoon lights with 15w tungsten lamps, they zig zagged along the room.  Next we fitted led uplights on a bright warm white along the walls and on the mezzanine floor with 2 uplights on pink in the arch where the cake was. Finally we fitted two drapes next to the portable toilets that hid the kitchen ect.