Top 5 amazing ways to use edison lighting at your wedding.

Wedding Edison lights can make a dramatic statement at your wedding venue. They provide a lovely tungston glow in any room from the darkest of warehouse's to the brightest of marquee's, infact we think they will work in any venue. wedding edison lighting

We mainly use real 40w Edison Lamps with around 6 diffrent types, we can use just one type of lamps or mix them up. We will work with your florest if you want flowers or foliage with the lighting.

Your Wedding pictures can look so much better with the edison lights in them. We also stock White Edison cable perfect in a light coloured room.

Edison lamps are a great choice for vintage, urban, industrial and loft-style weddings we do think they can fit in almost any wedding styles. We fit dimmers to all our edison installations alowing the light output to be turned down in the evening.

This is my top 5 ways of using Wedding Edison Lights what is yours?

Geek Fact You might notice that I call them Lamps and not bulbs, there is a saying that lampies use! Lamps Glow, Bulbs Grow as you can tell I am a old hand at lighting.

1  Wedding Top Table Edison Lighting

Our Top Table Edison Lighting is 4 or 6 meters long and contains a selection of diffrent size lamps with diffrent lengths of cables this creates the perfect ballance of diffrent styles and hights of the Edison Lighting.

2  Edison Lighting Canopy

A canopy of edison lighting looks fantastic due to the different lengths of cable. You can highlight a section of your room over tables or dancefloor for example, or make a stunning wedding aisle. Up to 50 real lamps can be in a edison canopy if you want a bigger one I will have to use led lamps.

3  Marquee Edison Lighting

Edison lighting down the center of a marquee looks great and will work with your florists if you want flower arrangements fitted to the boards. We can fit 3 two meter boards in the middle of your wedding marquee, The wedding edison lighting will provide lots of light and a stunning focal point.

4  Edison Table Lighting

Our edison table lighting is a great way to highlight your tables. We use a cluster of 5 edison lamps per table all diffrent lengths and various typs of lamps. As the lights are suspended over the tables we do need a venue that is sutable to fit the lights.

5  Edison Lighting Backdrop

We have stock of edison lighting backdrops available with a Black or White frame to match your surroundings, perfect for the end of your wedding aisle or at the back of your top table. For more ideas of all types of Edison Lighting check out my Pintrest Board