Transparent Screens

Transparent Screens are playing a big part in keeping your staff safe and public safe. The ones we stock are to fit our Wentex Pipe and Drape System.  They are made out of flame retardant PVC and are therefore easy to clean. The width is always 130cm (100 cm usable) with two heights available 125cm and 250cm.

To make a 3 meter wide hygienic screen you would need 3 screens as each screen is best used with a 30cm overlap. The Transparent Screens uses velcro to fit to the Freestanding Pipe and Drape frame, this means they can be fitted almost anywhere quickly and without fuss. You can see in the pictures they are very flexible in how they can be used. From a simple counter hygienic screen to large walkway transparent screen to keep people separated at door entrances or walkways. The ones I like the best are safe work areas they can go round desks or kiosks  keeping everyone safe and separated but not feeling to isolated as they can still see their work colleagues.