Wedding Backdrop Hire

Wedding Backdrop Hire is a great to hide something (ugly feature, paintings, TV's on the wall ect) or provide a stunning backdrop for your wedding top table. They can be as from 3m wide to 20m wide and up to 3m tall. We use warm white fairy lights with our wedding backdrops (you can have them without if you want) You dont have to have White we stock Rose Gold (a light shade of pink) Red, Gold and Ivory.

Fairy Light Backdrops Hire

We only use warm white led static fairy lights in our fairy light backdrop. We have a large stock and can do full walls not just a top table. We have lots of choice in our backdrops, White or Black frame with our without a voile overlay and not forgetting our warm white fairy lights to set it off. We now stock Gold, Red and Rose Gold along with Ivory Backdrops letting you match your backdrop with the colour of your wedding.

By using diffrent coloured drapes it can dramatically change the way the fairylight backdrop looks

Fairy Light Curtains

Our Naked Backdrops are something else a wall of nothing but warm white fairy lights. The Fairy Light Curtain backdrops are up to 3 meters high and as long as you want. By using a freestanding white or black frame they can blend in with most venues. With all my fairy lights a dimmer can be fitted to turn them down for the evening party.


We stock Ice Silk Drapes perfect for a simple backdrops in a range of colours at 3 meters high. These thinner drapes hang perfectly and can also work with or without fairy lights.  We can erect a free standing frame to hang the Silk Drapes from, that will not damage the building in anyway. Colours in stock are White, Rose Gold, Ivory, Gold and Red.

The silk drapes backdrops  they go up to 3 meters high perfect for a wwedding top table backdrop no matter how big or small your table is. Our drapes are so flexable let your imagination run free.