Fairy Light Hire

Peter Lockwood Events holds a massive stock of Fairy Lights that are perfect for Weddings and Events. We provide our Fairy Light Hire as a fully fitted service in Manchester and the surrounding areas. Most of our LED fairy light stock is warm white leds on Black or White  Cable. The fairy lights we use are not thin Christmas type lights (we dont pick them up from the local supermarket) they are professional grade fairy lights with a 5mm or 6mm led and are very bright, so bright we can fit a dimmer to turn them down for the evening party if you wish. Most of our Fairy Light Curtains stock is 24v or 31v dc making them safer to use and wont flicker in your videos. Transform your wedding venue with our Wedding fairy lights rental.

Look how good the fairy lights add to the wedding pictures.


Fairy Light Beams.

We use Warm White Fairy Lights for our Beam wrapping. I think you will agree that they look stunning.

Fairy Light Canopy

Our Fairy Light Canopies create a stunning ceiling of fairy lights. You can use them to make a Wedding Aisle or to provide lighting for the room yes they are bright enough to provide all the lighting you need and can be dimmed if required.  Add a matching Fairy Light Backdrop thats all your room lighting taken care off. We can do lots of different styles please ask for a quote for your wedding fairy light canopy hire. We can make a large fairy light canopy that can cover the full venue or part of it. One thing to think about is the fairy light canopy needs to be fitted to a wall or fixtures in the room it cannot just hand there in mid-air.

Fairy Light Curtains

Naked Fairy Light Curtains are a fantastic way to highlight stone or brick walls. A Fairy Light Curtain wall look's amazing at the end of your wedding aisle or behind the top table. Lots of people are copying our Fairy Light Curtains, Backdrop and Waterfall Lights (we don't think they look as good and not as safe we use 24v fairy lights). Our fairy light Curtains don't twinkle or flash it's all about the fairy lights.

The fairy light backdrops are up to 3 meters high available with a black or white frame and as wide as you want it to be. Fairy Light Curtains with the white frame look great in windows the fully freestanding frame does not fix to or mark the venue in any way.

Fairy Light Waterfall Lights

Fairy Light Waterfall Lights in my opinion are a taller fairy light backdrop/curtain. We can provide them in black or white and both use warm white leds up to the hight of 4.2meters and as wide as you want it.

Fairy Light Columns and Pillars

We love providing Fairy Light Columns and Pillars they make a statement in any venue. They are available in warm white fairy lights. We have the stock to make your wedding venue look amazing let your imagination run wild and get in touch with your ideas.

Fairy Light Balconies and Staircases

We stock 1 meter drop fairy light curtins that look amazing on Balconies and Staircases. The can be fitted to glass balustrades with little plastic clips or fitted to the handrail.