Festoon Lighting Hire in Manchester, Lancashire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Cheshire and West Yorkshire.

Looking for Festoon Lighting Hire? Here at Peter Lockwood Events we carry a large range of Festoon Lighting from industry standard Rubber cable 1 meter or 50cm spacing with festoon lighting canopy in a village hallreal filament lamps to led globes with 50cm spacing.

We also carry a massive selection of Festoon Lighting lamps 40w GLS frosted (pearl) perfect for filming and 4w warm white LED if you want it extra bright . Golfball size we carry 15w filament clear along with 2w warm white led great if power is a problem. Now in stock 2w led coloured golf ball lamps

We carry stock of white cable festoon 1 meter spaced that takes real lamps not led globs. Great for inside venues that are light coloured. We also stock Edison drop cables for use inside.

In the picture on the right shows a festoon lighting canopy in a village hall for set a wedding. It let them turn off the bright hall lighting

Want the Festival Look at your Wedding or lighting a barn or outdoor space. Please get in touch for a quote. Want to see more Festoon Lighting Examples check out our Pinterest Board

LED Decor Festoon Lighting.

Dont need lots of light output, LED Decor Festoon Lighting is the way forward. 5 meter long connectable led strings are the perfect solution, the warm white led globes can light the biggest of rooms from just one plug socket. LED Festoon Lighting is also great for outside lighting. Fitted on 2 meter Shepherd hooks they can light the way to go on footpaths. The LED warm white Festoon Fighting as a globe every 50cm giving 10 every 5 meter length and upto Connect up to 160 sets from a single plug socket ( 800 meters )