Image Projection Hire

What is Image Projection Hire it is like wallpapering with lights. You can project any image onto any flat surface like a wall, floor or ceilings What do you need for Image Projection a gobo, a light to project it and a idea.

What is a Gobo? it’s best compared to a stencil or photographic slide mine are made in metal or glass) and a light to project the image from the gobo. Gobo wash lighting want a forest projected on the walls or leaves on the floor get in touch. A wedding monogram is our most popular image that we can project.

Snowflakes are the most popular image that we project, they look stunning with a bright white light and can fill the largest areas with multiple lights.

We hold stock of 4 different types of LED lights that are perfect for your image projection hire. 120w warm white profile spots with different size of lenses (tubes) and size B gobos. 60w white size D gobo projection lights they can also rotate the image. To the 32w Ikon Profile spot that takes a little 26mm wide gobo and the amazing [OPTI] GoboPro+ LED outside rated twin gobo projector.

Get in touch for a quote on all your Image / Gobo Projection Hire requirements.

We stock 4 120w warm white profile lights that take a large gobo this lets us project images on a large area in more detail.

Outdoor Gobo Projection

We stock the GoboPro+ Outdoor Gobo Projection light. The light is IP 65 rated making it great for outside image projection. It can rotate the image and can hold 2 gobos one fixed and one rotating this can create diffrent effects.