Butterflies Fairy Lights Wedding Monogram

Butterflies Fairy Lights and Wedding Monogram was the order of the day in the lovely White Hart. wedding-monogram-outside-the-oak-room-at-the-white-hart-saddleworthMy client wanted all the horizontal oak beams wrapped in warm white fairy lights in the white hart and butterflies projected on the dance floor, along with a monogram.

Wedding Monogram

I set up the Wedding Monogram to welcome the guests as they entered the oak room.

Fairy Lights

Almost 200 meters of warm white fairy lights was wrapped around the horizontal oak beams in the oak room. This provided a lovely glow in the day and looked stunning in the evening just what my clients wanted.

butterflies fluttering  oak-room-white-hart-wedding-fairy-lights


I am able to put different gobos in my moving heads (the light that projects the butterfly’s) it made a nice change from hearts or stars. The bride had a dance with her father straight after cutting the cake and before the first dance.

butterflies on the dancefloor  father and daughter wedding dance in the white hart lydgate

wedding-first-dance-with-butterflies-in-the-white-hart  white hart wedding first dance

We had a good evening of dancing and fun at this lovely wedding in the white hart. I do think that the lighting added to the wedding by creating a lovely atmosphere.

busy wedding dance floor  wedding-circle-for-the-last-song-in-the-white-hart

In today’s world of Facebook and emails its great when when someone goes to the trouble of writing a thank you card. The card is from the brides parents.

thank you   thank you card

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