Pipe and Drape Hire in Manchester and North West England.

Pipe and Drape Rental in Manchester and all over the north of england exhibition kiosk space pipe and drape

We carry Wentex Black and White satin pleated drapes that are 3 meters high and made using fire retardant medium gloss satin 165 gram/m2 material. We also stock Flat 400gsm wool drapes that can work as Blackout Drapes or Sound Deadening.New stock includes polyester navy blue and stunning Red Velvet Drapes all at 3m high

Our Pipe & Drape system is totally freestanding and will not leave any marks on the walls. It can be used for lots of things like hiding ugly parts of a room, Room dividers, Exhibition booths, Private Meeting area, Changing Rooms, Idents, Kiosk space, Car showroom windows blackout and a Mechitza (a dividing wall) the list is almost endless.

If you are looking for Pipe & Drape Hire in Manchester or anywhere in the North West of England get in touch for a quote on 07841521651

Car Showroom Black Pipe & Drape

Our Black drapes are perfect for a " man from the factory event" or " our prices are so low events" the 3 meter tall black drapes are perfect for this. Quick set up and derig times along with a freestanding frame make our drape stystem the perfect option in any car showroom

Freestanding Room Extension

Need some extra space, our pipe and drape can create an extra room in no time at all. The Edwardian Manchester required more capacity to one of there event spaces for a christmas party. A free standing frame with black drapes created the area in under a hour.We used black wentex 165gsm drapes and a black frame.

Wall Drapes/Draping

We also stock lots of wedding and event wall drapes. These drapes are in 100gms or 150gsm ice silk material that looks amazing. Full room wall draping to a single wall, we can do it all, in a range of colours including red, gold, ivory, rose gold and over 150m of white.

Once the drapes are fitted to a pipe and drape frame they are lifted to the hight of your venue or 3 meter the hight of the drapes. We can fit 2 drapes to the support bar one on frount and one at the back. this will block out more light and make both sides look amazing perfect for a Mechitza. You can add uplights or fairy lights to the wall drapes for more impact.

Room Draping

The three meter tall the White Silk drapes looks fantastic and hang perfect, Black is also a option both will transform your venue perfectly. The drapes are fitted to pipe and drape frame system that can go up to 3 meters high. The Pipe and Drape Frame will not mark the walls in anyway. Like what you see give peter a ring on  07841521651

Mechitza Hire

To ensure our Mechitza's look good both inside and outside we put white drapes on both sides of our wentex pipe and drape system. If you want a bit of bling we can add fairylights to Mechitza and a Top Table Fairy Light Backdrop to match. To find out more click the link >Mechitza<

Something To Hide

Got something to hide pipe and drape is your best friend. This job in the Lowther Pavilion Lytham St Anne's my client wanted White drapes on 2 sides to hide the tiered seating and the spare chairs. Aprox 23 meters of white silk drapes was used. We set everything set up faster than they got the tables and chairs ready.

Privacy Drapes

The Wentex Black drapes work great as Privacy Drapes. holding a VIP party our Black Drapes are quick and easy to install to go round all the room or just the windows. The drapes are not blackout spec as they are 165 gram /m2 thick, they will block out lots of light and make it almost inpossable see through.

We do stock 400gsm wool surge drapes if blackout is required.

Wool Surge Drapes

We stock 400gsm flat wool surge drapes, they work well at absorbing sound as well as dampening noise. We used them in a night club event in a long thin room we set the drapes up in the last 1/3 of the room to act as a wall to reduce the size of the room and to stop the sound from bouncing around.

Our Sound Dampening Drapes 400gsm wool surge drapes are fire retardant and 3 meter tall.

If required we can fit 2 drapes on the drape suport bar, one on the frount and one on the back with a air gap in the middle for heavy duty application's.

Blackout Drapes

They also work as Total Blackout Drapes at 400gsm no light can get through.

New Colours Red Velvet / Royal Blue Drapes

We now have in stock stunning luxury red velvet pleated drapes at 3 meters tall they are a fantastic addition to our stock, perfect for that glamour look to any event.

Royal Blue pleated drapes (160gsm) medium weight, they will look great against a wall.

Pipe and Drape Frame only hire

We hire out our pipe & drape frame without drapes great to make a large balloon frame, hanging graphics or covid safe partition's.  The pipe system is available in black or white it can go up to 3 meters high and as long as you want it. The suport bars are fitted with Velcro for ease of fitting.