Pipe and Drape Hire in Manchester

If you are looking for Pipe and Drape Hire. We hold a large stock of Wentex Pipe & Drape along with Black and White 165gsm pleated drapes that are perfect for corporate market. The Wentex Pipe & Drape system is very very flexible. exhibition kiosk space pipe and drape

We carry Black or White satin pleated drapes that are 3 meters high and made using fire retardant medium gloss satin 165 gram/m2 material. The drapes are not blackout spec but by using 165 gram /m2 material they will block out lots of light and make it hard to see through. We also stock Flat 300gsm drapes that can work as blackout Drapes.

Our Pipe & Drape system is totally freestanding and will not leave any marks on the walls. It can be used for lots of things like hiding ugly parts of a room, Room dividers, Exhibition booths, Private Meeting area, Changing Rooms, Kiosk space, Car showroom windows blackout and a Mechitza (a dividing wall) the list is almost endless.

If you are looking for Pipe & Drape Hire in Manchester or anywhere in the Northwest of England get in touch for a quote 07841521651

Car Showroom Black Pipe & Drape

Our Black drapes are perfect for a " man from the factory event" or " our prices are so low events" the 3 meter tall black drapes are perfect for this.

Need some extra space, our pipe and drape can create an extra room in no time at all. The Edwardian Manchester required more capacity to one of there event spaces for a cristmas party. A free standing frame with black drapes created the area in around a hour.

Time lapse video showing 50m pipe and drape

Wentex Pipe and Drape

Wedding Ice Silk Wall Drapes

We also stock lots of wedding wall drapes These drapes are in 100gms ice silk material that looks amazing. From full room wall draping to a small wedding toptable backdrop, we can do it all, in a range of colours including red, gold, ivory, rose gold and white. The three meter tall the Silk drapes looks fantastic and hang perfect, they will transform your venue perfectly. The drapes are fitted to a white frame that will not mark the wall in anyway. Once fitted to the frame they are lifted to the hight of your venue or 3 meter the hight of the drapes.

Mechitza Hire

We provided a Mechitza in the Vermilion. This included a ladies area in the main room and a rest area and toilet partition. To ensure it look good both inside and outside we put a drape on both sides of our wentex pipe and drape stystem.