Stables Country Club Wedding DJ

Stables Country Club Hotel Wedding DJ. I have provided my wedding disco service lots of times in the Horseshoe Suite, part of the Stables Country Club at the Boholt Country Park Hotel. The first set of pictures show myself as the wedding dj in the Horseshoe Suite at the Stables Country Club without the extra wedding lighting.

wedding-guests-dancing-in-The-Stables-Country-Club  hands-in-the-air-at-The-Stables-Country-Club

last-dance-at-The-Stables-Country-Club-Bury  Boholt Country Park Hotel Wedding DJ

Lilac was the wedding lighting colour selected by Lauren & Gabe for there wedding in the Horseshoe Suite in Stables Country Club, we had a great night with a busy dance floor from the first dance till the end of the evening.

stables-country-club-wedding-first-dance  stables-country-club-wedding-guests-dancing

The next set of pictures show myself as the wedding dj along with pink wedding lighting in the Horseshoe Suite at the Boholt Country Park Hotel Bury.

pink-wedding-lighting-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the-bolholt-bury  wedding-first-dance-in-the-horseshoe-suite-at-the-bolholt-bury

Boholt Country Park Hotel Wedding DJ  wedding-guests-in-the-bolholt-bury