Quarry Bank Mill Wedding Lighting

Quarry Bank Mill Wedding Lighting. Set in the iconic mill buildings at Quarry Bank, your wedding will not be a run of the mill wedding,Quarry Bank Mill Wedding Lighting so don't book a run of the mill DJ.

Trust your wedding entertainment to a professional like myself. Dont forget you can pick your own music.

I have provided my wedding dj service many times at Quarry bank mill and know the way it runs very well.

Quarry Bank Mill function room will benefit greatly with my wedding lighting services.

These include full room LED UpLighting allowing you to paint the walls in your choice of colours. Or I can install fairy or led festoon lights on the wooden roof beams these will provide romantic lighting for your wedding in Quarry Bank Mill.

With all our festoon and fairy lighting installs we provide a dimmer pack this allows you to turn the lighting down when its party time.

Quarry Bank Mill Uplighting

Quarry Bank Mill Cheshire wedding first dance

Wedding First Dance

Quarry Bank Mill Wedding DJ

Party time at a Quarry Bank Mill Wedding

Quarry Bank Mill Bride