Standedge Tunnel Wedding Lighting

Standedge Tunnel Wedding Lighting. Our Urban style wedding lighting works great in the old Standedge Tunnel Warehouse. We have fitted Edison Lighting over the top table thats a great way of providing lighting that works with the warehouse vibe. Festoon lighting inside provides enouth lighting all over the room alowing you not to us the house lighting. Festoon lighting outside can light the gardens or the space you are having  outside food. A fairylight wall in the wedding ceremony room at the top of Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre is a great photo backdrop and last but not lest is uplighting on the stone walls. Please get in touch with us for all your lighting options in Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre.

Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre is a lovely venue that can hold upto 200 for your wedding its deffectnly worth checking out for your big day, and dont forget our wedding lighting looks amazing in the warehouse