Whalley Abbey Wedding DJ

Are you looking for a Whalley Abbey Wedding DJ, you have found Peter Lockwood a experienced Wedding DJ. My last visit to Whalley Abbey was around 10 year back and provided my Wedding DJ services in the downstairs room. Party Time in Whalley AbbeyThis time round I was in the Great Hall. (luckily for me it as a lift) I was surprised by how friendly the staff was they greeted me by my name.

The Great Hall is not the largest room and I brought they right type of equipment to fit in a corner and leave as much room for dancing. As for the party it was fantastic from the first dance the dancefloor was never empty. I dont know whos legs are in the picture on the right it looks like he was having a great time.

Please take some time clicking on the pictures, to see them full size and get in touch if you want a quote for your Whalley Abbey Wedding DJ.

Whalley Abbey Wedding DJ  Whalley Abbey Wedding DJ

Whalley Abbey Wedding DJ  Whalley Abbey Wedding last dance